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Feeling down, depressed, or hopeless? Do you have trouble enjoying things you used to do? Are you experiencing loss of motivation? Do you have thoughts that you wish you were not alive? I can help you understand the root of your depression, the factors that maintain it, and help you learn coping skills to work through your depression and live a more meaningful and valuable life. 


The hallmark of borderline personality disorder is difficulty with interpersonal relationships and emotion regulation. Individuals suffering from BPD often experience instability in relationships, impulsivity, emotion dysregulation, identity issues, and self-harm behaviors. I use Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help individuals gain tools to become more aware of emotional triggers, change unwanted emotions, and develop healthier and more meaningful relationships. 


Whether you are working on an undergraduate or graduate degree, school can be a time of significant distress. It is common to have difficulty managing the demands of school, work, family, and interpersonal relationships. It is also often a time full of personal growth and self-discovery. I have specialized training in the student population from working in several university settings and can provide support and guidance during this difficult and demanding time. 


Struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Specific phobias? Social Anxiety? Panic attacks? I use evidence-based practices, founded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to help individuals manage anxious thoughts, gain control over physiological symptoms, and overcome anxiety. 

Do you experience repetitive, unwanted intrusive thoughts or images that seem to come from nowhere? Do you find yourself spending excessive amounts of time repeating routine tasks? If so, you may be struggling with OCD.  I received certification in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), which is the gold standard treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 


Are you struggling with developing meaningful relationships? Do you want your relationships to be easier, stable, and more fulfilling? Are you having difficulty leaving a toxic relationship? I can help you gain insight into your interpersonal difficulties and help you build skills to successfully navigate your relationships in healthier and more effective ways. I use a combination of interpersonal effectiveness strategies, assertiveness training, and principles of reinforcement to help you reach your relationship goals. 


Health psychology is all about understanding the relationship between your mental state, behaviors , and physical health. Chronic stress and poor health behaviors are closely linked to the development of conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes. I can work with you on managing stress, improving your physical health, and coping with stressors contributing to chronic illnesses. I also have specialty training in women's health issues from my experience working in a women's clinic and running stress management groups for women. Additionally, I conducted my dissertation research on the relationship between cognition, health behaviors, and breast cancer. I can help provide support and guidance with issues such as infertility, postpartum depression, and other women's health issues. 

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